Cushion Fabric Care Instructions

Quality is built into our Gary Neil fabrics, starting with the yarns which are solution dyed, ensuring that colour is impregnated into the yarns, giving them excellent colour retention in harsh sunlight conditions. This, together with water and mildew repellency, ensures that you get the best possible protection for your outdoor fabric.

Our Cedarbrook fabric is treated with a fluorocarbon which imparts a water, oil and soil repellent finish, for quick drying and easy cleaning. A biocide is also added during this application to help prevent mildew. These treatments are done with chemicals sourced from reputable companies and are not in any way toxic.

If in doubt about how to care for you upholstery, please consult the manufacturers’ websites for more detail:

• Cedarbrook Fabrics


Gary Neil


• Macalli’s fabrics can be both hand washed or dry cleaned, followed by air drying, and warm ironing.

• Regularly vacuum your cushion covers to prevent a build-up of dust.

• Attend to spills and stains as quickly as possible. Sponge the stain, never rub. A gentle blotting action with an absorbent cloth or sponge will work best. If a stain has already dried, gently brush off any excess material, then dab gently with a damp sponge until it disappears.


• Don’t tumble dry.

• Never try to remove the stain with household detergents such as washing up liquid. Use only water based commercial cleaning agents.

• Do not store damp or wet cushions. Although our fabrics are treated to minimise mould and rot forming, prolonged dampness is not ideal.